Friday, July 29, 2005

When the cat is away...

...the other cats spend the company dough.

Zander is on vacation up in his family compound somewhere and we can't reach him to tell him:

1. That we got a really cool gig doing an interactive thing with J. Otto Seibold thanks to our interactive sugar daddy...Ham in the Fridge design. We're huge fans of this is an honor.

2. That we bought a really shiny box to help it (among other things) along. The processor power on the G4s here are lousy for all the vector stuff we've been doing lately, so we blew some money. I've been really proud of BTA's stingy-ness to this point. It's really easy for start-up firms to want to outfit themselves with the latest stuff, but we've been pragmatic and suffered through slow filter rendering and long opening times to keep our overhead low and pass the saving on

Zander, if you're reading this...this is what you have to come home can name it.


Dodd said...

It's disappointing but it seems that flash just runs slower on the mac. Not to mention the instability problems - save often! An especially irritating thing about flash is it often hangs when you click and drag. Forewarned is forearmed! Cool new box though.

Shad Petosky said...

Yeah, we'll still do most of the interactive and media work on the PCs. I'm hoping to head off building another one until Vista is released.

This experience has already been a little frustrating as the G4 studio display monitor uses a different connection than the G5. So we have to get a new monitor or buy an expensive adapter.

The Apple store wants you to leave with as much brand new stuff as possible. :)

Zander Cannon said...

Good Grief.

I tentatively dub thee "The Silva Hellashiznit Turbo Anti-Beatbox Killa".

Until I think of a longer one.


Zander Cannon said...

Oh yeah, I should probably comment on the other stuff, too. I spent long hours trying to get our laptop to sign on to our parents' ISP. But that didn't happen, and being completely out of touch with the entire rest of the world kind of suited me to some degree, so I didn't press the issue.

I applaud your anti-stinginess and I am proud to share in it by assiciation. I'm also kind of stoked to use the... what was it again... S.H.T.A.B.K.

And Jotto is awesome. I'll just be doing some dumb ol' science comic I guess.


Shad Petosky said...

Whenever I look at it I calle

kevin Cannon said...


Shad Petosky said...

Beautiful but ditzy.