Tuesday, July 25, 2006

San Diego ComiCon Sketches and Photos

I left a few days early to hang out with my old high school buddy, Sam.

We went hiking somewhere around San Diego... I forget where.

I have to make a pilgrimage to the Star of India every summer.

Many hours were spent watching episodes of the "The Office" in this living room. Coincidentally, I drew this while watching C-SPAN House debate over the big cross on Mount Solidad (just north of San Diego).

Uh... just killing some time with this one.

Here's our local watering hole, Ralph's. I drew this while sitting at my new favorite coffee shop, "It's a Grind!" See, that's funny because it reminds you that life sucks AND it's what you do to roasted coffee beans before you brew coffee. Plus, the guy who worked there called me 'Boss' and that's okay in my book.

Mr. Anderson.

Drawing smokers is about the best thing in the world because you know they'll sit still for at least five minutes.

Uh... another time-killer.

This guy was totally trying to impress that girl by drawing something. Sorry buddy, that trick never works. Belieeevvve me!

This was the cover for the book that we used to keep track of sales. Maybe if I had spent less time drawing the cover we could have sold more books.

I woke up early one morning and walked down to the harbor. This picture was drawn surrounded by sleeping homeless guys. The benches in San Diego have bars dividing them so you can't sleep or lay down anymore. Or moonwalk across them.

This girl clearly did not like being drawn.


Cedric said...

Wow, where did you find the time to do all that sketching? Great stuff. The Con was awesome!

Gene Ha said...

The key to impressing girls with a drawing is to draw them. And make the sketch very pretty. If you're a hardcore player you can draw a table full of pretty girls from a distance, then surprise them with the results. Ideally, everyone at the table should be attractive to you anyway. If they like the drawing you get to hang out with them and drink for a while (oh yeah, it helps if they're drunk).

Ahh, college!

Kevin Cannon said...

ahh, college, indeed.

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