Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bone Sharps on HBO

In a previous post, we told you that for over two years now we've known that our graphic novel Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards would appear in a scene from HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me" pilot.

Well, the dvd is out and we finally get to watch the scene! Shad has posted a clip on YouTube:

At first I was a little disappointed. Initially it looked to me like the actors were adlibbing lines -- treating our precious book as nothing more than a prop. But NO! The two parents read an actual panel from page 55 AND, to smother icing on an already towering cake, the way the panel is read provides the only humor in an albeit intentionally humorless show.

We should note that the scene was shot in a mirror, hence the horizontal flip of the cover. Something to do with metaphors.

Will Bone Sharps continue to be featured in every episode of "Tell Me You Love Me?" Probably. We'll just have to watch closely and find out.

In episode 4, at 0:12, the dad (Dave) implies that he has read Bone Sharps to his son one hundred times.


staplegenius said...

I just read on NEWSARAMA that MTV is planning a SHANKS-themed episode of 'MY SUPER SWEET 16'

Kevin Cannon said...

Yep. Working episode title is: "Enjoy This Party -- It's Your Last!"

staplegenius said...

I can't to see those snotty rich kids get punched!

Bud Burgy said...

I'm gonna make a Meatfist and Gronk movie and have Meatfist reading 'Bonesharps' to Gronk at night when he tucks him in for bed.

Bud Burgy said...

But seriously, congrats fellas! I'm jealous. And proud.

Kevin Cannon said...

Nice. I hope that reading Bone Sharps in bed to one's kids becomes the new meme.