Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Burger Time* Dies ... Now This!

Do you ever have one of those days where you glance out your window and think you see your local eatery being hauled away on a truck? Well today it actually happened! Not ten minutes ago I was walking past the Big Time Attic headquarters window and saw this:

It's like ... it's like someone decided to haul the moon away. That garish Burger King sign has been a mainstay in the BTA landscape. It's part of our identity. Since moving in two years ago we could always count on a new Burger King slogan to give us a chuckle.

As sad as it sounds, BTA staffers past and present have memories in that fast food joint. A few years ago we produced a game for Cartoon Network and Burger King as part of their "Fosters" campaign. And you bet everyone in BTA rushed across the street to buy a kids meal when the Fosters toys were released.

And oh, the whoppers...

But as sad as it all is, THIS makes up for it:

* Burger Time is the fun-filled arcade game that we have in the office. It got us through some long winter days until finally breaking down forever. Is there some kind of burger-themed curse going on?