Friday, October 03, 2008

Sloth Force Seven: "Time Travel"

Swing by the Big Time Attic booth at FallCon tomorrow to see the latest and greatest Sloth Force Seven mini-comic, "Time Travel." It's 48 pages of danger and intrigue, and some GI jokes to lighten the mood.

The book has a two-color woodblock print cover (actually lino, but who's keeping track), which looks good in that "I took printmaking in college but you'd never know it" sort of way.

Here are the first seven pages to whet your appetite:

Sloth Force Seven was created for last year's 24 Hour Comic Day, and you can read that effort here.


Mitch said...

Alright, after the SF7 minicomic I bought today I should like to obtain this one as well. The 'woodblock' cover has a nice texture. If I had only one more dollar!

Loops O'Fury said...

If I even think the words "mutated back to life" I start laughing again.

Kevin Cannon said...

Yes, ah, it's all very ... scientific.

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