Monday, April 06, 2009

Lettering Essentials: the Character Chart

If you letter on the computer you know how much fun it is to dig for those special characters that are hidden somewhere on your keyboard. Through sheer will I've been able to remember where the ellipses (option semicolon) and em dash (shift option dash) are, but after that I'm lost. Fortunately, the nice people at Blambot have created a character chart showing you exactly what to punch when you're in need of an O with an umlaut or the highly prized fraction with one zero in the numerator spot and two zeroes in the denominator spot.

There are several charts like these floating around the web, but I like Blambot's clear PC/Mac distinction and their bold use of the color red. You can find it here.


Jim said...

I use the TactilePro keyboard (made by our friendly neighbors to the north: ) since I like keys you actually hit rather than ones that feel like you're pushing your finger against a moistened sponge. It's a great keyboard. And, it has all the option and shift+option combos printed right on the keys. Nice. Costs money, but worth it.

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