Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Bad Caricatures" Going Down at AE Party This Friday

Altered Esthetics -- art gallery home of Lutefisk Sushi C and Big Funny -- is celebrating its sixth birthday this Friday with a live auction, music, booze ... and "bad caricatures" courtesy of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy. You want to be flattered? Go to Valley Fair. You want to look long and hard into the fun house mirror? Come to the Altered Esthetics.

Several local cartoonists, including myself, will be sitting behind the drawing booth, waiting to shock and amaze you. Caricatures are free, but donations are encouraged. Altered Esthetics is a non profit, community-run art gallery, so why not come and spend a few Lincolns?

PS -- If you're a local cartoonist who wants to draw caricatures, we're happy to have you! Let Jamie know at: contact [at]

Festivities start at 7pm, and more info can be found at City Pages, The Cartoonist Conspiracy, and Altered Esthetics' site.

See you Friday!

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