Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Far Arden Makes the Grade at Graphic Novel Reporter

Graphic Novel Reporter has created a list of "core" graphic novels that people should consider when building their personal or institutional libraries, and I'm extremely flattered to find Far Arden among its ranks. GNR writes:

This is not a best-of list or a list denoting the most worthy accomplishments in graphic novels (although everything on each list is an accomplishment in some way, shape, or form). Instead, it's a list to help retailers, librarians, educators, and all those who are seeking to start a graphic collection to get a sense of the essential books to acquire. This is where to begin for those who want to make a small step (a core list of 10 books), a medium step (an additional 25 books), or a larger one (100 more).

Some of my absolute favorites are also on that list (David Boring, Jimmy Corrigan, Epileptic, Alan's War, Essex County, etc...) so it's obviously exciting to be listed amidst such good company.

You can read an interview I did with Graphic Novel Reporter's John Hogan a year ago here.

Thanks GNR!

Speaking of Far Arden, I've retooled the website where the entire graphic novel is still free to read online. You can check it out at or read more about the book -- including reviews and interviews -- at its new main page:


Daniel Olson said...

I like the redesign.

Sarah Hansen said...

Dang, no more online minis? No secret genomic code? (Did anybody crack that?)

P.S. You missed an interview on the Far Arden page! This one is very important because in it you reveal that a near-fame experience would lead you straight to heroin. Some journalist must be pretty good to draw out the truth like that. Or don't you want the world to know?

Kevin Cannon said...

Good catch, Sarah! The interview is posted, and the minis will arrive eventually.