Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kerouac Fan Art

Here is a painting/drawing I did recently for a fellow Kerouac fan. It was fun to have an excuse to pull out my high school Kerouac books which had kept me company during the long bus rides to nordic ski meets. Anyway, this painting is a composite of two photos, both taken from Steve Turner's great scrapbook bio, Jack Kerouac: Angelheaded Hipster.


This was done on cold press watercolor paper, starting with a coffee stain base (pretty weak coffee, by the looks of it). I then made the mistake of doing the line work first (rapidograph pen with brown rapidograph ink), with watercolor on top.

As you can see, the watercolor paint made a mockery of my lines. So if I try this again I'll need to lay down the color first, then the lines, but that's a pain in the ars. One other thing, the rapidograph nib did NOT like drawing on watercolor paper, ostensibly because of the rough terrain it had to maneuver over. I tried finding as smooth a press as possible, but no luck. If anyone out there has any suggestions for watercolor paper that marries well with technical pens, I'd love to hear it.


Matthew Kriske said...

140 pound Arches Hot Press.

Works better than the rough tooth stuff.

Also, thanks again times a million. You're the man, Cannon.

tim sievert said...

How the hell did i know that thing was for Kriske? That kid needs to get his priorities straight.

Matthew Kriske said...


Foiled again Sievert. The drawing was a gift, so you were right that I commissioned it, but not that it was for me.

Kevin Cannon said...

Dammit, if this blog is going to become a hate-war between you two, I'm going to shut it down.

Matthew Kriske said...

We'll play nice, honest Mr. Cannon, we will.

Please don't shut down the blog.

Think of the children!!

Anonymous said...

cool picture

i suggest smooth bristol papers that say good for prismacolor markers. it is harder to control the water color, but easier on the technical pens. i kind of like the effect you produced though...

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