Friday, July 09, 2010

Joe Mauer Watercolor Painting & Ink Overlay

A die-hard Twins fan and sports writer friend of mine is turning 30 today, so to celebrate I dusted off the watercolors to see if I could capture the essence of Local Hero Joe Mauer.

Here's the pencil sketch base:

Using the light table I traced the pencil sketch onto watercolor paper. The paper had already been treated with a light coffee stain to give it an aged character. This scan didn't pick up a lot of the color -- the original is a lot richer:

Finally I placed some transparency film over the original pencil sketch and painted this with Speedball India ink:

One problem I ran into is that I didn't pay close enough attention to registration, so there was some guesswork at the end as to where to cut the paper and the film in order to fit them in the frame. Here's the final product:


Terry Banderas said...

Nice artwork and nice demo. In my younger days, I remember artists using this technique to produce fantastic images of new homes. They used felt tips for the color then reproduced their drawing photographically onto mylar. The mylar went over the color felt tip to produce beautiful results.

Kevin Cannon said...

Thanks, Terry! I'm looking forward to experimenting with the technique to see what I can produce with multiple layers of mylar. As someone who is used to the flexibility of Photoshop (where I'll use many, many layers) the idea of being limited to one layer (the watercolor paper) is intimidating. This mylar technique is a nice compromise.

madscott said...

That turned out really nice. As a kid I had some similar style sport prints hanging in my room.

Daniel Olson said...

That's pretty awesome Kevin! However, you missed one intregal part of capturing the essence of Joe Mauer...grounding into an inning ending double play.

Kevin Cannon said...

Thanks for explaining that one to me, Dan. I hear people are sore about his bunting technique, too.