Sunday, February 27, 2011

"JUST ADD INK" Looking for Organizers

Art by Lance Ward

Every year, the kind folks at Altered Esthetics gallery in Northeast Minneapolis invite members of the local cartooning scene to curate a comics-themed show. Past shows include 2010's Lutefisk Sushi: Volume D and 2009's Big Funny, and Big Time Attic has been a proud sponsor of all of them.

This year's show is entitled "Just Add Ink" and will explore the crossover appeal of the comic arts and the culinary arts. Artists are invited to submit cartoons for a "comic cookbook" and will be encouraged to display their original art during the show itself (submission and event details forthcoming).

If you'd like to be included in the planning process, please come to Just Add Ink's first meeting, this Tuesday, March 1, at 9pm at Psycho Suzi's. If you can't make it, continue to watch the Cartoonist Conspiracy website. Shortly after Tuesday's meeting we will post the minutes along with details about the next meeting.

If you have any further questions about any of this, leave a comment below!


PureNoumena said...

Hi folks,

In case your curious the basic agenda is as follows:

I. Review general show concept
Just Add Ink! Comic Cookbook

II. Discuss grant
I applied to MRAC for funding to potentially help with outreach and printing. We won’t know about this component until April, but I’ll be giving the group the skinny on the basics.

III. Create rough timeline.
I’ll review the major show-related dates, submission deadline, etc.

IV. Roles
We are like a well oiled machine! We’ll review the roles we’ve established – edit the current ones and add new ones as needed. (If needed).

We usually stay after the meetings are over to chat. Sometimes we talk about bugs and other gross topics. :) Order appetizers at your own risk.

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