Sunday, February 05, 2012

Craig Finn Live Concert Drawings

Today I got to see one of my musical idols, Craig Finn, taping a live in-studio performance for Minnesota Public Radio, so I thought I'd bring along a sketchbook and see what I could muster up. This was a big deal for me because I played Finn's "Separation Sunday" album on repeat for pretty much all of 2007, and only recently did I learn that we both went to school together in '87 (I was in first grade and he was in high school, which means that while he was skipping class and going to Replacements concerts, I was feeding our classroom's pet rabbit, Twinkles, and listening to Raffi albums).

The concert will air on Wednesday at 5pm, and I'm sure a video of the whole thing will be on The Current's site shortly thereafter.

So anyway, here are some live drawings I did during the concert. You can click these thumbnails to see a larger version:

Thanks for the ticket, Jamie!