Sunday, September 18, 2005

Even the Timeless have birthdays... Shad. Who turned 31 today.

Shad, in honor of your birthday, Zander and I wrote you a song to the tune of Of Montreal's "Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and Other Games)"

It begins as follows:

Let's have birthday celebrations
Let's forget dates forget times forget schemes
We'll have birthday celebrations
I'll place thirty-one candles in a cake made of dreams

Okay, that's all we could do, because I wouldn't let Zander change any of the lyrics about Antarctica (which is pretty much all of the rest of the song). Happy birthday, Shad!


Zander Cannon said...

Look, I hate Of Montreal, and I would actually change all of the lyrics to "Please God, kill us in our sleep and retroactively erase all of our albums from history. (bridge, hook, chord progression) Make even the mention of our name, hometown, or city we're named after cause for immediate excommunication".

It's tough to dance to, but I think it gets a valuable message across.

Zander Cannon said...

Oh, and on a more serious note, Happy Birthday, Shad. May you have many, many more. Cheers, Z.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shad!

-Jeff Rose

Shad Petosky said...

Zander, no worries...we KNOW who wrote "I'll place thirty-one candles in a cake made of dreams"

I imagine Kevin shed a single tear when he came up with it.

max said...

happy birthday everybody!!