Friday, September 23, 2005

You say tornado I say...

It's being said that anywhere from one to three tornados hit north Minneapolis/suburbs last night. I didn't see one, but I DID see a cloud spinning around and then didn't see anything but sideways rain, lightning, and hail for and hour or so.

I saw these things in from the window of Office Max, where I was trapped with the staff and a guy who was angry to be inconvenienced by weather.

"Look, you guys are over-reacting," He said "it's just rain."
(and 75 mph winds that just ripped the front doors off of the Best Buy across the parking lot) "I want to check out, I'm leaving."

The employees advised him to stay indoors but then said they could check him out..even with credit card...without a problem...despite his insistence that they couldn't..but SHOULD. "Ok, but I still need to get more stuff, If I don't get my stuff I'm OUT OF BUSINESS TOMORROW. OUT OF BUSINESS!"

"Ok, OK, What do you need," The clerk asked.

"Magic markers."


I watched the storm from a comfy office chair until a manager called and told the staff to get everyone away from the windows and into the stockroom. Stockrooms are a little too "Night of the Comet" for me, so I decided to risk the drive home. Nearly all the trees in the parking lot were uprooted, and the drive home was a slow one through partly flooded roads and around tree limbs. I ran into a dangling wire too, but I guess the juice was gone. Except for in my freaked out face.

This tree around the corner took out the power and internet on our block.

All of our plastic lawn furniture stayed put.


Zander's neighbor's tree just missed their house:

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