Sunday, June 25, 2006

Big Central European Summer Time Attic

Here at BCESTA (UTC/Greenwich Mean Time + 2 hrs), we know how to do comics. It's not that they make more money than comics in The States (and believe me when I say from my headquarters in an armorized bunker in the Hague that comics in The States make A LOT of money.) and it's not so much that they're really any BETTER than the comics in The States (with Big Time Attic around!) ... it's just that well, let's say people in Amsterdam know how to party.

Here we are at the live auction of various household trinkets and garbage items to desparately raise funds for Lamelos, the Fort Thunder-like comic group. To set the mood and the speed at which the items were handed off to people, they began by auctioning off a live firework ... in the store ... near the priceless collection of famous comics.

Needless to say, no paperwork was attempted for this feat.

Later, two copies of Michael Jackson's Thriller were sold simultaneously! To the same person! A once in a lifetime experience to witness, to be sure.

The most interesting and hilarious/pathetic (or, here at BCESTA, what we call 'patharious') thing to capture the party-goer's attention was a framed 'original', as it were, of someone's personal underwear collection. What the four pressed players in this history imply, I cannot - nor do I care to - guess.

Countless thanks in many dialects to the fun-loving owners of Lambiek for a memorable experience. Donate to their site here to help keep their impressive and uniquely worldly "comiclopedia" free! For their entry on Zander Cannon, click here.

Until we move our entire operation to the gorgeous, healthy, sea-sided, majestic, positive, history-enriched, multi-cultural, beautiful-people-stalked, art-appreciating, delicious-and-memorable-food-supplying, low-violent-crime-suffering, high-standard-of-life-living, affordable-health-care-entrenched land of Western Europe, this is BCESTA ... signing out.


Anonymous said...

Maxeem, why do you hate me so?

Max Konrardy said...

no. no hate. only love.

Anonymous said...


Kevin Cannon said...

Of course it's multi-cultural. Didn't you see "Hostel"?