Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Project: Romantic Fever

My family and I walked around the classic car show on St. Anthony Main on Father's Day -- and that made me excited for our upcoming story in AdHouse's "Project: Romantic." I won't give away the story, but one of the central characters is a '49 Ford. I couldn't find any of those on St. Anthony Main, but I did find this '47 Plymouth Club Coupe, which uses a lot of the same lines. Look for Project: Romantic in stores this fall.


Max Konrardy said...

We saw the mock-up of the whole book at MoCCa, so unlike other, um ... comic-illustration-animation-designhouse-like partnerships (???) that visit cons, we know what we're talking about when we say the final product looks niiiiiifftyyyy!

pitzerboy said...

Yeah.. I should have captured Zander and forced him to look at the book!