Thursday, November 16, 2006

Studio Tour

A big bus rolled and we welcomed 45 Western Wisconsin design students to our space. We were very honored to be chosen for the field trip as the other place they went was the design super-firm Duffy. I went on a Duffy field trip as a student, so it felt kind of incredible to be on the other side of the fence...a real sense of accomplishment. The students were great and a couple of them have added us as their Myspace friends, showing that we had an impact. As everyone knows...Myspace friends are usually only the most important people in someone's life.

Here are a couple photos:

The big-screen debut of our demo reel.

Tight fit.

Zander describes the similarities between hand-drawn artwork and half-eaten burritos.


a curious party said...

tour to whom?

Shad's Mom said...

Congrats on being an official example!