Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Plea for Pre-Orders (Friday 8/24 only)

Holy cow, we had an amazing response today -- so many of your pre-ordered your books (from as far away as Germany!) that we now have the budget to give these books the binding and cover coating they deserve, as well as print enough books to really take a bite out of the Lappegard's medical costs.

Now the big step is to tell your friends to come to the event on September 8th. Ride some bikes, look at some art, listen to some bands ... and if you're feeling generous you can buy some raffle tickets and bid on original comic art!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the pre-order plea bonanza. If you ordered a book, make sure I have your mailing address (kevin at

September 8th is the big event. Stay tuned for more details.


mrmonkey23 said...

Here's the contributor list...

Ken Avidor (
Bud Burgy (,
Kevin Cannon (,
Zander Cannon (
Chris Coffey
Cyrus Cords
Danno (
Will Dinski (
Doctor Popular (
Ryan Dow (
Cival Einstein
Andrey Feldshteyn (
Michael Furious (
Naomi Johnson
Loki Kaspari
Max Konrardy (
Matthew Kriske
Bob Lipski (
Vas Littlecrow (
Roger Lootine (
Gypsy-Maria Lorimer
Earl Luckes
Kevin McCarthy (
MJ (
Sarah Morean (
Anders Nilsen (
Daniel Olson (
Rita Panton
Jeff Plotkin
Anna Pratt
Kraig Rasmussen
Connor Rice
Amado Rodriguez (
Zak Sally (
Jenny Schmid (
Damian Sheridan
Tim Sievert (
Mark Simonson (
Andy Singer (
Jon Sloan (
Bill Spears
David Steinlicht (,
David Strong
Andy Sturdevant
Steven Stwalley (,
Mike Toft (
Brett VonSchlosser (
Jeff Walker
Kevin Wind (
Adam Wirtzfeld (

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