Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas in December!

This year's BTA/Puny Secret Santa event came with a twist -- each secret Santa had to make their gift from scratch. No more $5 Perkins gift cards -- our presents had to be dripping with thoughtfulness and completely devoid of any cash value. Well, mission accomplished!

Zander made a hand-sewn weighted companion cube for Corey (photo to come).

Thanks to Google Street View I was able to get a photo reference for Zander's house without having to creepily stand outside and take a photo myself. This is inked with a rapidograph #2 on smooth bristol, with watercolors added on top.

Finally, I was the lucky recipient of an original Tim Sievert stuffed animal. I can't imagine how long this took to sew by hand, but I sure do appreciate it. Old Crow here is on permanent display at BTA headquarters if you want to come up and take a gander.


staplegenius said...

No, actually, I think the fact you can look at Zanders house from your home computer is FAR CREEPIER than physically standing outside it.

Unknown said...

However creepily he did it, it's still my favorite Christmas present ever.