Friday, December 07, 2007

Conspiracy Collating Party

Last night the Minneapolis Chapter of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy convened in Diamond's. Each cartoonist brought one hundred printed copies of their 24 hour comics. In a finely-tuned process that would make Gene Kranz proud, we distributed the comics one to a box -- one hundred times! The whole process took just a few minutes, a fact which belies the nearly two months of intense preparation. Boxes collated, we all snuck into the IGDA party (see below) for a beer -- all except Kriske, that is, who remains a minor and is thus not allowed to have any fun.

Also, Ken Avidor has a new hairdo. Lookin' sharp, Mr. Avidor!


Unknown said...

I was perplexed by Ken's snappy new look, as Ken is not exactly the most image-oriented person I've ever met. He is a cartoonist after all. So I couldn't imagine why he would have dyed his hair to look all fancy, like a fancy man.

Then I found out/remembered that his daughter just graduated from the Aveda salon school. Oh yeah...! This was practice! What a great dad.

staplegenius said...

Hey..who is that homeless guy?

Oh...that me....

Matthew Kriske said...

Man...I never get to have any fun. I realized that it's still half a decade until I can legally "have a good time", which does seem rather far off.

Alas, good times nonetheless. I look forward to reading everyone's comics when I'm actually coherent.

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