Thursday, March 03, 2011

ICC -- More Like IOO

Our beloved International Cartoonist Conspiracy has its 100th monthly jam session tonight. What were jams like back in 2002? As I remember, 5-10 of us pushed a few small tables together at the Spyhouse in Uptown and drew for a few hours, mostly silently. What are jams like now? A lot bigger; fifteen is a low turnout and we've been known to squeeze in 20-30 cartoonists. New venue; after getting kicked out of the Spyhouse for being too awesome, we found a home at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe in Nordeast. Different atmosphere; it's a much more raucous event, especially if Ted Anderson is there. But same leadership; Steven Stwalley is still the Grand Poobah, even though the two smaller Stwalleys he's produced recently keep him from showing up until after 8:30.

100 jams. That's a lot of fart jokes. And other kinds of jokes.

If you've been going to all or most of the meetings, don't feel old. Not until you consider this: In 2002 Kriske was nine.

Happy centennial, Twin Cities Chapter of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy. Click on Shanks' head for your present:


mrmonkey23 said...

Thanks, Kevin! Kriske was nine? Jeezizus.

Matthew Kriske said...

Nahhhhh man. T'were 11.

Kevin Cannon said...

I can't do math!