Saturday, September 09, 2006

Literally, a bevy of photographs

Here, to get you through the weekend, are some fun "photo"-graphs:

My brother Sean moved to college last week. We make it official over a pack of Trident White to represent his clean break from his suburban high school life.

Sean tries to do his own laundry.

Back at work, Zander, Britt and I pulled an all nighter a few weeks ago. We kept awake by playing "The KQ Challenge." Each player picked the three artists they thought KQRS (a local classic rock station) would play first. Sorry, The Current, you were too static-y that night!

Britt got off to an early lead when the VERY FIRST SONG was one of her bands, the Rolling Stones.

Not only did they play Bob Seger, but they played THE LIVE VERSION OF TRAVELIN' MAN!!!!

But in the end, Zander won. Thanks a lot, Clear Channel random song generator.

Members of BTA congregated in the sound studio recently to record voices for an upcoming political short. In a dramatic recreation of television's Home Improvement, Jason gave Zander some "sound" advice about audio engineering and life. Later, Zander recounted the advice to his wife, but he jumbled up the words.

Zander practices for his American Idol audition.

The best b-day gift ever, this creation of Julia's has caused much friction around the office due to its high demand as a personal m&m dispenser.

Finally, Britt and Tim spend a quiet Saturday racing to see who can finish their graphic novel first.


Anonymous said...

i want that candy dish

Julia Vickerman said...

Kevin, I'm your biggest fan. It would have been a sin not to immortalize your likeness in Sculpey.