Thursday, September 14, 2006

Montana Photos

I'm in Montana for a couple weeks and having a great ol' time. I have really spotty internet/mobile service but assure everyone that I'm still alive. Here are some photos...

Grandma S in her flowers. Grandma has always had incredible gardens and vegetables..she's growing grapes in Montana.

Deer on Turner land.

Grandpa E on our Peter's Ridge ATV ride.

Grandpa E on tractor.

Grandpa V with an important message.

No blogs without cats..Grandpa V wanted some photos of the cats around his place. He's a tough art director.

More cat

Forest fire

A hiker in the fire timber, we ended up giving her a ride up to the pass, she lives a few miles away from us in Minneapolis.

Avalanche Gorge

Avalanche Gorge

Black Bear in the road.


Shad's Mom said...

Oh, I miss my mountains!

Dodd said...

I miss Shad! Glad you're having fun - these are some wicked good photos too!

BlogFoot said...

That picture of the bear is far too crisp. Someone photoshop it...make it bipedal and blurry and you'll have something to sell to the tabloids.

Julia Vickerman said...

Wow, those cats are beautiful

Brittney Sabo said...

DAMN, *I* want to live in Montana!!!