Thursday, September 28, 2006


Are you wondering what exactly we were doing for the most part between February and April earlier this year? Well, we were working on this awesome game for a company called Magnecote, the makers of magnetic paper. The game is called 'Magnecote Superpitch', and you can play it at the Superpitch Website. (ps- turn your volume up!)

Heres some of the drawings and designs we used for the game, which you wouldn't normally get to see.

We would start out with a pencil sketch of the character we were creating, then we would outline it in pen or marker of make the lines darker.

Then, we'd take the scanned-in, inked drawings and do this collage-look style by pasting in textures on layers in photoshop. I'd go so far as to say 'neat-o'.

Heres some of the other sketches from the innitial stages of the game...

Here's a shot of the mini breakdancing game we made too, and programmed! It's a pixel-art masterpiece. To get to it in the Magnecote game, make sure you have the character '40 going on 16' on the stage, have ground foggers, then lasers, and press m during the laser sequence.

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