Saturday, September 02, 2006

Screen Printing

We've lifted the blanket of moldy ink, cat urine, and crusty oiled positives off of the basement screen printing studio so it can slumber no longer! Kicking off the revival is a Rock & Roll poster for King Mini's Poster Division.

I've been jonesing to print for a while and it was as exciting as it ever was. The guy who built my house was a wood worker, Burma Shave sign-painter, rock hound, and fur trapper and my basement screams craft. Being down there working makes me feel like part of a handicraft legacy far removed from urban/digital life. A little vacation.

BTA isn't planning on doing any prints but Max has the studio booked for a hand-pulled Commune promotional poster and King Mini has all sorts of things planned now that he's...well...back.

We need a drying rack! They're expensive new...if anyone sees one used...send it our way.

Vinny sets a sheet for the second color.

There are details of the art on theKing Mini Blog.


Shad's Mom said...

There is a drying rack on ebay for $600

Vincent said...

Drying rack is on the way thanks to Mr Wes

Shad's Mom said...

When is Vinnie going to admit that he is the secret employee? He can't stay in the closet (or your basement) forever! Can he?

Gabriel Daniel said...

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