Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eric Lappegard Involved in Seattle Accident

Our friend and co-conspirator Eric Lappegard was recently involved in a car accident in Seattle, and is in the hospital with severe injuries. Eric dropped by the BTA studio last week to submit a cartoon for an upcoming event (which we'll announce on the 18th), and he told us about his move to Portland, OR. Please check out the links below to find out how Eric is doing, and what you can do to help out.

Things to note:

Steve Stwalley set up a thread on the Cartoonist Conspiracy blog to discuss Eric's situation and ways to help him.

Eric's family set up a website to discuss Eric's condition.

Interested parties are having a meeting at Diamond's this coming Tuesday, July 17. We're going to organize a benefit for Eric as well as create a huge jam get well card.

Eric's wesite (where Danno has been filling in recently):

From Eric's "DFL" mini-comic in the Lutefisk Sushi Volume B Box.

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