Sunday, July 15, 2007

Watch for Zander at the TICK booth ...

Sharp-eyed readers may remember that Zander's first professional work was three issues of The Chainsaw Vigilante, a Tick spinoff. With the Tick's big 2-0 coming up, Zander was asked to do a one-page story for a celebration book, and he without hesitation said yes. So check out the NEC Press booth at Comic-Con 2007-- Zander will sign books that are 3.1% his work!

From The Beat:
YES! At this years San Diego Comic Con International 2007 The Tick will be turning 20 years old! To help celebrate this momentous occasion there will be a special signing held throughout the Con for The Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1. Making signing appearances at the NEC/Tick Booth (#1807) will be nearly two dozen artistic contributors to this very “SPECIAL” comic book. Each writer or artist is scheduled to sign for at least ONE HOUR. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so come by and visit us at Booth 1807 to be part of Tick history in the making!

The following is the list of contributors who are scheduled to sign at the NEC/Tick Booth (Updated 7/12/07):
Ben Edlund
Erik Valdez y Alanis
Simon Bisley
Zander Cannon
Gabe Crate
Dave Garcia
Paul Hornschemeier
Matt Howard
Jason Jensen
Matt Kindt
Brian Miller
Bob Polio
Chris Reilly
Trina Robbins
Scott Shaw
Bill Sienkiewicz
Arthur Suydam
Nicole Poole Suydam
Robert Tinnell
Cory Walker
Mark Wheatley
More names may be added!
Note: Day and time will be posted at The NEC/Tick Booth #1807. This schedule is subject to change so please check with us!

MORE BIG NEWS! In addition to The Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1 signing, NEC will have on sale two Limited Tick San Diego Con T-shirts, one featuring Simon Bisley’s fantastic cover art and the other, the awe-inspiring cover design by Arthur Suydam.

Also on sale will be the LIMITED Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1 Simon Bisley sketch cover comic book as well as the VERY LIMITED San Diego Con cover variant EDITION of “The Tick’s Comic Con Extravaganza #1″, written and drawn by fan-favorite Sean Wang.
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wes s said...

chainsaw vigilante...

*flurry of nostalgia as memory breaks free from resinous brain-gunk*

holy jesus. i DO remember that. i have that somewhere. small world!! i seem to recall a foil cover, yes?

Unknown said...

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