Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mpls Indie Xpo is this Saturday!

If you live near the Twin Cities and enjoy fun times, then you should definitely consider attending one or more of the MIX events this week. They are, in order:


"Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Film Fest"
St. Anthony Main Theatre, 6:30pm (doors open 6pm)
SE 115 Main St, Minneapolis

Yes, as the name implies, we will be screening Scott Pilgrim. But there's oh, so much more. At 6pm Big Brain will be selling comic-related merch, including the much sought after sixth Scott Pilgrim book. There will also be door prizes and a big raffle. ALSO, the first 30 people to show up get a free silkscreen poster inked by none other than BTA's Zander Cannon. Then at 6:30 we'll screen 18 minutes of the best animated shorts in town, featuring the animation of PUNY, Mitch Loidolt, Nick Bachman, and David & Mary Sandberg.


Book Signing: Dinski, Renier, Sally
Big Brain Comics, 6-8pm
1027 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis

Come to Big Brain from 6-8 for a triple book signing, featuring WILL DINSKI, AARON RENIER, and ZAK SALLY! ...

MIX Kick-Off Party!
501 Club, 8pm - midnight
501 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis

... Then head over to the 501 Club to party until midnight.


Mpls Indie Xpo (MIX)
The Soap Factory, 9am - 5pm
518 Southeast 2nd St, Minneapolis

The main event happens at The Soap Factory from 9-5. MIX is a FREE convention where you can meet, chat up, and buy things from the greatest indie comics creators in the world. You can even meet Brett Warnock, co-publisher of Top Shelf Productions, who is in Minneapolis for the FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE! Also, swing by the programming room at 2pm to see me mumble my way through an interview with The Daily Cross Hatch's Brian Heater. Should be fun!

MIX After-Party
Altered Esthetics Gallery
6pm - late
1224 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis

Finally, hit up the AFTER PARTY at Altered Esthetics. There you can watch a screening of Joanna Kohler's "Big Time Attic" film, hear Danno Klonowski's thoughts on art and life and what it all really means, and then tip back a few drinks. Should be a blast, I hope to see you there (whoever you are).

For much more info about what I've described, including addresses to all these fine establishments as well as a full schedule of happenings during MIX, go here:


Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 10 Commentary Podcast #1 by Zander Cannon

One of the great things about DVDs when they started to come out was the commentary track. How amazing, I thought; by adding one more audio track to the disk (a relatively small addition), you could add an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes information to the movie. If you were buying a movie you had watched a million times, you were now getting to virtually sit down with the director and listen to his or her recollections of the process of making the movie, and in doing so, see each scene with fresh eyes.

Well, why not comics? With the ease with which we can put audio into people's hands via the internet, it's a very simple matter to record a commentary for a comic book. The people who want to listen to it are self-selecting; they presumably all have the comic already, so all that is needed is to sit in front of a microphone and chitchat for a while.

This is the commentary podcast for Top 10 Season 2 #1, written by Zander Cannon and drawn by Gene Ha. It clocks in at almost 52 minutes, so put aside some time, curl up with the issue, and enjoy!

Top 10 Commentary Podcast No. 1