Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hanging Party!

MetroMix Plug

KARE11 launched a new website today called metromix. Keep checking the site, because within a week you may find a video chock full of your favorite Conspirators talking about life & comics.

Why is the woman in the photo so happy? Could it be that she and her gentleman friend just read "Understanding Toilets" by Danno Klonowski?

That's my guess. Swing by the "Potty Humor" section of Lutefisk Sushi to read it for yourself!

Sushi Goes A-List

Thanks, City Pages!

Lutefisk Sushi Volume C

Daily from Thu., May 1 until Sat., May 31
Altered Esthetics

Will Lutefisk Sushi ever reach Volume Z? It's possible but hard to imagine, considering each box set is a massive collection of original comic art and mini-comics. Volume C will feature work by around 50 artists including Kevin Cannon, who will also be premiering a special limited edition of his graphic novel Far Arden at the reception at Altered Esthetics. Part book launch, part art show, other aspects of the gallery event include "The Potty Humor Exhibit," which will feature crude and dirty-humored artwork in, of course, the bathroom, and a hand-crank zoetrope constructed by Sushi contributor Ken Avidor. The opening reception, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, May 2, will also serve as a fundraiser for Altered Esthetics, with a silent auction, first edition prints by Adam Turman, live music, and the unveiling of an art vending machine, which we'll take over a pop machine any day.— Jessica Armbruster

Sunday, April 27, 2008

MicroCon 2008: A Transformerative Experience!

Just wrapped up another successful MicroCon, MNCBA's yearly spring show. Although it didn't feel much like spring inside or out, everyone seemed in higher spirits than normal.

While Zander and I spent most of the show selling books and promoting Lutefisk Sushi, I took some time out to battle, defeat, and ultimately befriend a Decepticon. Unlike most of the phonies who come dressed up in costumes, this was the real Soundwave:

Speaking of Sushi, Ryan Dow made this awesome iron-on Sushi shirt. He bought the orange shirt and the iron-on kit at Target.

Speaking of DIY clothing, Matthew Kriske showed up in shoes that he had painted himself. He's got a "name who's on my shoes" contest going on at his blog. Contest or not, we're just glad Kriske's finally wearing shoes.

Speaking of Kriske, you can see his hilarious mustache story in the newly released "Muscles and Fights: Volume III." Bud Burgy and Amado Rodriguez printed up 10 copies through Lulu and will hopefully print up many more! I overheard some talk of Diamond's Coffee Shoppe hosting a M&F art show during Art-a-Whirl ... but you'll have to check the M&F website for more info. From L to R, Zander Cannon, Dank! (aka Danno), and Bud Burgy:

Bob Lipski (Uptown Girl), and Dan Olson (Super Fantastica Comix):

Steven Stwalley setting up for the show. He spent half the show behind his booth and the other half rooting through bins and scoring cool old comics.

Curtis Square-Briggs with his own score, the best comic book cover ever made:

Finally, Kriske shows some gorgeous Sam Hiti sketches. Interested in learning comics from a master? Hiti will be teaching a comics course at MN Books Arts starting May 7. Not sure if there are spots left, but you can check out details here.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lutefisk Sushi C Website Updated

One week to go until the big gallery opening.

Check out the updated website and pass the URL along to your friends!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MicroCon This Sunday

I heard it's supposed to be rainy and crappy all weekend. Bad for yachting, great for con-ing! Stop by the Minnesota Fairgrounds on Sunday to satiate all of your comics needs. Zander and I will be there (sans jumpsuits) hawking our wares.

Sunday, April 27, 2008
10am - 4pm

Minnesota State Fairgrounds - Progress Center
1621 Randall Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

Parking: free
Admission: $7

Guest List
More info

I'll give a free mini-comic to the first person who can explain the cryptic meaning of the different font sizes and colors on the Guest List. I used to think that "bold" meant you're more famous than other people, but then why are Terry Beatty and Gordon Purcell (among others) in the non-bold bracket? And why am I green this year?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Danno Does Far Arden

The book hasn't been optioned, but already there's a movie poster! Thanks to Dank! aka Danno for this amazing 11x17" poster of Far Arden.

Click on image for larger version!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fan Club: Avatar: The Last Airbender

A while back Kevin and I were asked to do some samples to audition to draw the Avatar: the Last Airbender comic stories for Nickelodeon Magazine. We weren't enough on model, but I thought the drawings came out pretty well. Enjoy!

Needless to say, these characters are copyright Nickelodeon.

Sushi C Box Printing

The highlight of each Lutefisk Sushi show is the silk-screened box that eventually gets stuffed with 50 locally produced mini-comics. This box is limited to 150 copies and will be unveiled at the Sushi gallery show on May 2nd.

Tonight Shad Petosky (of Puny Entertainment fame) and Zander and I pulled the two color prints. Well, Shad did all the pulling ... and all the prep work ... and most of the clean-up... Anyway, here's how it all went down:

First I gave the artwork to Shad as two black images, one for the blue ink layer and one for the salmon ink.

Shad printed out the art, covered the paper with oil to make it translucent, and placed the art on the screen. (The screen had been coated with light-sensitive emulsion. Here's the art for the salmon ink layer on the exposure table:

The screen is exposed, the emulsion is washed out, and we're left with a surface that is solid except for where the ink will pass through. This process is repeated on a second screen for the second color.

I mixed up two big batches of blue and salmon ink while Shad bolted the first screen to the printing table hinges. Here I'm putting the box (in its raw, unfolded form), beneath the screen, lining it up to the registration marks:

After the box is lined up correctly Shad pulls the screen down and forcefully uses a squeegee to pull ink over the live art area. He then lifts the screen up, Zander pulls the printed box out, and I put a fresh box in. Zander makes sure everything's working like clockwork:

Here's the first color -- the bottom layer of ink -- drying in the Mega Rack:

After two hundred boxes are pulled, we take a two hour break and do the whole process over again with the second color:

The creative energy in that studio make some men go mad with power...

... and others mad with hubris:

Thanks to Curtis for helping with photography!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Make Your Own Lutefisk Sushi T-Shirts!

UPDATE: Linked images (below) are fixed!

Show your Sushi pride and mad DIY skillz! Make a Lutefisk Sushi Volume C t-shirt with a design below.

  • ink-jet printer
  • scissors
  • iron (NO steam)
  • flat ironing surface (like a drafting table)
  • t-shirt (washed & ironed)
  • t-shirt transfer paper (buy at Target)

  1. Purchase t-shirt transfer paper. CAUTION: There are two kinds of paper: one for light fabric shirts and one for dark fabric shirts.
  2. Follow the instructions that come with your paper. CAUTION: This is important, as the light and dark paper have very different instructions.
  3. Wear it to Altered Esthetics for the May 2nd opening!

[Click on the images below to view full-size. Then right-click to download. Jpegs are 200 dpi.]

Version 1, 6 inches wide:

Version 1, 3 inches wide:

Version 2, 6 inches wide:

Version 2, 3 inches wide: