Thursday, April 10, 2008

Far Arden Reviewed by

Everything I know about the comics industry comes from my imagination and Tom Spurgeon's So I was thrilled to see my little pet project reviewed today. Thanks, Tom!

More on the printing of the book is here.

You can read all 350 pages online for free here.


staplegenius said...

It's a pretty frikin' amazing read all in one package like that.
Amazing work kevin.

Kevin Cannon said...

Thanks, Danno!

Anonymous said...

nice. two BTA-family books in one screen grab.

Bud Burgy said...

Kevin, do you have any copies left? I want two.

bewilderedkid said...

Kevin, are you going to have any left to sell at the Sushi show? BTW, reads well in print too.

Kevin Cannon said...

Absolutely, the bulk of the books will be sold at Sushi