Thursday, April 26, 2012

MN Original Video on the Cartoonist Conspiracy

Thanks to Joel Zimmerman over at MN Original for producing this great video postcard. It's a snapshot of what we do during our monthly jams and I apologize if I screwed up any facts in the interview!

If you're a Twin Cities cartoonist and want to kill some time hanging out and drawing with some of the nicest folks around, stop by Diamond's Coffee Shoppe on the first Thursday of every month. The jam officially starts at 6:30pm, but people trickle in and out between then and 10pm. If you're shy and worried about being the "new guy" don't worry, just come in and put your head down and draw -- that's basically what I did for the first two years of Conspiracy. But seriously, these are the nicest people in Minneapolis.

And if you'd much rather draw on table cloths and drunkenly shout out answers to trivia questions (I mean write them down quietly) while eating the best food in Uptown, then come to the monthly Bad Cartoonist Trivia Night hosted by Danno Klonowski. Last Mondays of every month at the Bad Waitress on 26th & Nicollet. The next one is Monday, April 30th. 9 pm start time but come early and grab dinner!