Thursday, April 17, 2008

Make Your Own Lutefisk Sushi T-Shirts!

UPDATE: Linked images (below) are fixed!

Show your Sushi pride and mad DIY skillz! Make a Lutefisk Sushi Volume C t-shirt with a design below.

  • ink-jet printer
  • scissors
  • iron (NO steam)
  • flat ironing surface (like a drafting table)
  • t-shirt (washed & ironed)
  • t-shirt transfer paper (buy at Target)

  1. Purchase t-shirt transfer paper. CAUTION: There are two kinds of paper: one for light fabric shirts and one for dark fabric shirts.
  2. Follow the instructions that come with your paper. CAUTION: This is important, as the light and dark paper have very different instructions.
  3. Wear it to Altered Esthetics for the May 2nd opening!

[Click on the images below to view full-size. Then right-click to download. Jpegs are 200 dpi.]

Version 1, 6 inches wide:

Version 1, 3 inches wide:

Version 2, 6 inches wide:

Version 2, 3 inches wide:


mrmonkey23 said...

This is actually way cooler than printing them ourselves... thanks, Kevin!

Ryan Dow said...

I'm trying to open the images, but that the image cannot be displayed due to errors. Is anyone else having this problem?

Kevin Cannon said...

They worked fine a minute ago... maybe just a fluke?

Bud Burgy said...

Where can I get a salmon colored t-shirt like that?

aaronssd said...

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