Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chapter 99: Versus

IN THIS CORNAH-- The irrepressible inkslinger Zander Cannon brings his hillbilly grappler "Big Boy" Barnabas Rutledge to the squared circle to engage in mortal combat with that no-relation Kevin Cannon's corporate contender Tommy "The Office" Anders. It's a Comics Jam Battle to shake the rafters!

Just click on the picture below to start the mayhem.

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danno said...

Is this a MUSCLES AND FIGHTS contribution?
also, if its chapter 99, why does it say chapter one?
so confused....

Zander Cannon said...


It's chapter one because Big Boy will be moving up in the ranks and challenging Kevin's next creation.

As for M + F, might be. We might want to get the next fight in as well.

Curtis said...


Earl said...

Awesome Work!