Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Wish Someone Would Invent: The Osmium Rocker

Have you ever thought about an invention that maybe YOU can't make, but it sure would be nice if someone else did?

This rocking chair concept is based on the design of inflatable punching toys (are they still around any more?), in that no matter how close to the ground they get, their base is heavy enough to bring it upright again, every time. I think it would be fun to have a rocking chair like this, so that the rider could rock themselves all over the place but never fear falling over. A quick google search informed me that osmium is a pretty heavy material, which is why that forms the core. Experiments would have to determine whether rocks would be sufficient to replace osmium, which costs $400 per troy ounce.

So, you want to invent it? Already know about something just like it? Got a reason why it would never work? Got some suggestions? Got your own "I Wish Someone Would Invent..."? See you in the comments!


Curtis Square-Briggs said...

It's a great idea . . . but osmium is so expensive, and the cheaper powdered form becomes osmium tetroxide when exposed to air! Which we all know is highly toxic.

I'd just use yer mom . . . get it? . . . density by volume? hah!

Anonymous said...

A cheaper option that is nearly as dense is depleted uranium.

Anonymous said...

Buried spring toy.

A room with an adjustable electromagnetic floor with a person with a magnetic vest or jumpsuit might have the effect or even float around.

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