Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chapter 99: Grandma Clone Version 1973

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danno said...


but...if this is chapter 99, how many other Grandma 1973's has this fanily gone thru? The funeral bills must be outrageous! Isnt there like a recycling program or anything?

Kevin Cannon said...

we'll find out in chapter 100!

Zander Cannon said...

So wait, have there been 1,972 grandmas or 98?

Tad. said...

Boy w/ tears streaming down face: "But... Grandma's in Heaven...!"

That's just wrong! The gag in the final panel doesn't soften that line at all. It's like a kid realizing there's no Santa, but less cliche. Horrible!

Keep it up!

Kevin Cannon said...

True, it should have been "model 1973"