Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Far Arden" Chapter Five

Read Chapter Five.
Start from the beginning.


danno said...

you did this WHEN?
AFTER saturdays activites?!?!

Holy crap.

You're a genius, Cannon.

Speaking of genius, I can't stop thinking about how cool the clouds in OCEANIS are.
I forgot to tell you that saturday.

Kevin Cannon said...

No, sadly I've chosen to abandon the 24 hour block part of this book (hurting hand, affecting day job) ... but I'm still doing a page an hour, now in 4-6 hour shifts.

And I'm glad you like the oceanis clouds, but I have to admit that they're just cheap rip-offs of Zander's "Space Weather" clouds!

Zander Cannon said...

I KNEW it!! You can pay me the 71 cent royalty first thing tomorrow.

Zander Cannon said...

And the plot, as ever, thickens. I particularly appreciate that these people all seem to have excellent luck. The key hanging outside the window, the boat moored outside the other window... so lucky, these people.


Julia Vickerman said...

Curses! I was so upset when the end came. Hurry up and make another one, you big lazy man! God, you're so lazy!