Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jam War Troop Profiles!

Good evening, patriotic supporters! As a token of our sincere appreciation of all that you've done to ration supplies, buy bonds, and give us your heartfelt encouragement, here's a quick interactive dossier of your favorite troops' profiles! Just roll your cursor over the name to read more.


Anonymous said...

BTA: Your ability to be unabashedly geeky at all times is positively awe-inspiring.

Anonymous said...

So, fighting Hellcats, when do you find out that you won?

P.S. Shad, I thought your duty title was "King of the World" Why are you listed as a mere Captain?

Shad said...

I was demoted after a couple of years working in restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Do you get repromoted if your team wins? Or only repromoted with caveats as in "King of the Burger World" or "Master of the Chicken Nugget Universe?" Just checking, I have to update my Christmas letter when I send it out in May.