Friday, June 09, 2006

Props from Jotto!

J. Otto Seibold recently posted this on his blog "be sure to check out the [Target Ready, Sit, Read] book club name generator. it's great."

We made that! (all the sounds were added much later)

Vinny and I were talking today about how that project was a once in a lifetime gig. One of the most satifying commercial jobs never felt commercial. Jotto's bubblesoap site was what got us excited about interactive and working in Flash. We stole the spirit to make Dunn Bros Coffee's first site, which has long since retired in favor of the generic site they have now. Bubblesoap is still up five years later and more importantly still HOLDS UP. I hope it's around forever, it's a friend.

Jotto's blog post has made our day/week/month. It was really an honor to work on. So a big huge THANK YOU to Bret Hummel at Ham In The Fridge for the gig and then all of the creative control and then for fixing the bad stuff and making it work and Irene, Mary, Jim and all the people at Target who care about art in commerce.

Having a project come back to make a person feel this good is something else....YAY.


Cedricstudio said...

Wow, that IS a fun site. Great concept, fun design, terrific execution. You guys should have a section of your website that links to previous work like this. Very cool.

Shad said...

We're too busy makin' all those other cool sites to put sections of those sites on our site :(

Small strange things are happening for the animation/interactive part of BTA.

Anonymous said...

what happened to j otto seibolds web site ??