Tuesday, October 09, 2007

FallCon 2007 Photos

FallCon -- Minnesota's big two-day comic book convention -- was this past weekend. Once again I managed to spend the entire weekend within a ten-foot radius of the booth, a sad fact which is reflected in the photos below. Zander spent a good deal of time exploring the con, so maybe he'll post some of his thoughts on FallCon.

FallCon is hosted by MNCBA and is located on the State Fair Grounds in the Education building

Here're the guts of our table. The humidity curled made most of our books and originals curl, but not too badly

Sorry about the glare, Steven Stwalley. Your suit radiated 100% of the light that hit it. Steve is sporting the highlight of FallCon: the fez

Zander and I sat next to the Ha brothers, Donn and Gene

Here's Donn sketching Danno's character Fleming Hazmat

Gene drew a ton of great sketches during the con, and scanned a bunch of them for his blog

Tim Sievert and Brett von Schlosser

Tim Sievert

A sampling of Brett's spooktacular paintings and prints

Tim's hand-sewn Kanary Kid dolls

Matthew Kriske

I was able to trade Kriske of sketch of some penguins for this gem, a janus-esque portrait on watercolor- and tea-stained paper:

I'm kicking myself for not taking photos of the awesome "lounge" set up by the Cartoonist Conspiracy, including BTA's very own Todd Oldham polka dot sofa. Maybe Tim got some photos with that fancy camera of his.


Brittney Sabo said...

What crazy gimmick will you guys come up with next year to sell comics, free steaks?

mrmonkey23 said...

Teeny tiny motorcars!

Anonymous said...

Teeny tiny conspirators!

Donn Ha said...

One box fan would've quadrupled lounging at the lounge. The heat! The humidity!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. One of these days I'm planning to set up a site where I can catalogue all of the drawings in this series, hopefully by Christmas. I'll let you know when I finally get around to it. I've also been experimenting with those Pitt brush pens you recommended recently, and I'm really digging the results thus far. I went against my basic nature today by giving a really cool sketch to some girl who wanted it. (Yes, I'm a sucker, I'll admit it.)I love my penguin sketch too, definitely the best trade I've made lately.

Awesome recap though. It was a fun (albeit sweaty and uncomfortable) weekend.

See ya both at 24 hour day.


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