Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Enjoy some snapshots from last night's hanging party:

Steve carefully protects his century-old comics collection in plastic. A bicycle keeps watch.

In addition to original artwork from the Big Funny newspaper, visitors to Altered Esthetics will be able to see prints and drawings from Jenny Schmid and Ursula Murray Husted.

Bjorn and Steve hang vintage newspaper strips -- some were printed as early as 1902. Sneeze all you want -- they're protected by plastic!

Jamie and Danno take a break from hanging to work on the Big Funny brochure.

Visitors to this Friday's opening reception will be able to see an actual printing plate used in the production of the newspaper, as well as videos showing how newspapers are printed.

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Brittney Sabo said...

Those things look so HUGE compared to Steve in the first picture, crazy.