Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fan Mail

If you're wondering what the best part of our job is, that's pretty easy: It's getting to open letters like this one from 7 year-old Michael, a budding animator who took a tour of Big Time Attic headquarters last week:


[ click for larger image ]


Donn Ha said...

Those are super good fish.

Daniel Olson said...

No kidding Donn, that's a REALLY good fish.

Fritz Bogott said...

Please beg Michael to do a bunch more fish for us. I will totally buy a mini comic of his fish. I will buy one on spec before it's even made. Or pelicans. Hope he draws some pelicans.

M. Molly said...

Best. note. ever. All his lowercase As are fish? And he uses a dolphin for an exclamation point? This kid is clearly a genius.