Monday, June 04, 2012

Time to Update Your Rolodex…


Hello to the few and faithful Big Time Attic readers! Zander and I are pleased to announce that we both have brand new graphic novels that are going to be published through Top Shelf next spring. Zander's HECK is about a washed-up high school football player who discovers a portal to the Underworld in his basement. And my book, CRATER XV, is the sequel to 2009's FAR ARDEN. Army Shanks is back, and this time gets himself caught up in a black market space race heating up in the Canadian High Arctic.

But the BETTER news is that we'll be serializing both books through our brand new monthly magazine, DOUBLE BARREL (Two Cannons... double barrel... get it?).

DOUBLE BARREL is a digital-only monthly magazine that will serialize the aforementioned graphic novels, plus have lots of great bonus content like short stories, guest strips, a letters page, and an in-depth tips & tricks section. The first issue comes out in just two days, on Wednesday, June 6, and you can get it pretty much anywhere you get your ebooks -- Comixology, iVerse, iBooks, or the Top Shelf Digital app. Each issue will have over 50 pages of content for just $1.99. Yep. A buck a barrel.

I'm going to put this next part in bold, because it's pretty important:

Zander and I will now be writing all of our blog posts on -- the Double Barrel homepage. Please add to your RSS feed!

If you're in town on Thursday, swing by Big Time Attic for our launch party. Here's your official invitation:

With that, we're going to shut off the lights here and shutter the windows. We're not shutting the Big Time Attic blog down completely, but we might be gone for a while. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you at!


Doc Pop said...

That is so fantastic, congrats!!

Double Barrel said...

Thanks, Doc!

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