Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More new space

Getting the new space for the new thing ready....

We worked with Charles a bunch when Action City was being built. He helped us with their party rooms, and is now helping with the utlimate party room...our new space. Yeah.

Maybe we'll have a party.

Here are pieces to the conference room door.


Max gets the trim.

Jon gets the photo op.

I get the drop on Tim.


Anonymous said...

Wearing white shirts while brushing red paint is the ultimate in confidence! The door is going to be great and I love the colors. The floor is wonderful and so are the details on the columns. I can't wait to see it finished, it will be an inspiring place to work. Hurray for BTA!

Blogfoot said...

Where are people going to poop?

Cedricstudio said...

Looking good! Very exciting.

Max Konrardy said...

all pooping is done outside the office in a nearby restroom, which pre-exists for our convenience.

Anonymous said...

Max, pooping outside the office is good. If pooping inside the office, please note that the City of Minneapolis does not like see unattended buckets in any location.