Monday, July 24, 2006

San Diego Comic-Con 2006 Pics

The convention is over. Everyone I talked to had a great time and the people who were looking for work found it. The con is bigger, but the comics part seemed more intimate than the last few years. We reserved our room for next year hopefully the whole BTA crew will come down.

I realized that I went the whole weekend without taking many photos of folks not in costume so I tried to get a few last ya go:

Heidi McDonald, the especially elegant Patty Jeres, and Anina Bennett.

Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob...and now on every Cartoon Network show

Eddie Campbell, Zander, and Brett Warnock. That looks like a deal makin' handshake?

Jackie Estrada, Melinda Gebbie, Chris Staros, and Jose Villarrubia.

Gene Ha, JH and Mrs. Williams, and Jose.

Steven T. Seagle, Paul Guinan, and Z.

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Anonymous said...

Omigod, we made your blog! I'm so excited! I knew there was a reason we keep going to San Diego every year. Hope you guys got your jobs back from the foam-core bosses.