Monday, December 15, 2008

Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon, Steve Stwalley, and Danno Klonowski on KFAI FM!

Kevin and I joined Steve Stwalley (Soapy the Chicken, Stwallskull) and Danno Klonowski (Staplegenius!) to chat with Britt Aamodt on the Wave Project at KFAI 90.3 FM last night.  The show was called "The Cartoonists", and covered what it's like to be a cartoonist, what is the nature of cartoons as opposed to illustration, and various other chit-chatty stuff.  We had a great time, and it was pretty cool to be in a radio station, getting our hands slapped away whenever we tried to touch the fancy microphones.  

You can listen to the broadcast on the KFAI website here until December 28, 2008:  The Cartoonists

Hang in there-- the previous show (an Oromo music show called Voice Of Oromiyaa) ran a little late, so the show starts at 1:38.


Anonymous said...

I listened to it last night. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

An excellent interview, guys. The mention of Far Arden got me over to Top Shelf's website, and I noticed that they have the new edition cover artwork up and it looks great! (I'll always love my TPB best, though) Anyway, regards to all. See you in the funny pages!