Thursday, October 27, 2011

Help print Altered Esthetics' 2012 Artists Calendar!

Altered Esthetics, a community-run art gallery here in Nordeast Minneapolis, has bent over backwards to help the local comics scene, and now we have a chance to help Altered Esthetics! Please consider donating to their Kickstarter fund which will go toward printing AE's 2012 calendar.

Our very own Zander Cannon drew the image for November, as he will be the featured artist for "Lutefisk Sushi: Volume E." Yes, that's "E" as in "E"veryone should chip in. As an added incentive, if AE reaches their goal, we'll post Zander's image here on the blog. If not, well, it will disappear into the ether...

So, please go HERE to donate!

... And here's more info from our good friend Lupi:

Hi, I’m Lupi. I help direct press and communications at Ae, and I’d like you to check out the kickstarter page for Ae’s 2012 calendar. Ae didn’t have a printed calendar for 2011, and a lot of people missed that. I hope we can raise funds to print one for next year.

As you know, Ae is the non-profit gallery in Northeast Minneapolis that collaborates with the Cartoonist Conspiracy each year on a comics exhibition. The Ae board is made up of volunteers who donate hundreds of hours of their time to organize 14 group exhibits each year, plus workshops and a solo exhibitions program.

We work hard to keep our shows inexpensive and accessible for artists, and we encourage all styles and media. If you appreciate what Ae does for the artistic community (and the cartooning community), show some love by helping us print our 2012 calendar. A pledge of only $5 gets you an art calendar, which you can pick up at the gallery. For a pledge of $10, we’ll mail it to you. That’s a fraction of the cost of driving to a store and buying a mass-produced calendar. If you plan on participating in Lutefisk Sushi or any other Ae events next year, this calendar is nice to have, because it lists openings, deadlines, and workshops.

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Loops O'Fury said...

Thanks for posting this, Kevin! The featured images for next year's exhibits are really great, and it'll be wonderful to see them in print.