Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Clue too

Prepare your eyes to behold your second clue regarding the completely ungeussable surprise that is forthcoming on friday.

The first part of the name of the thing being announced is "new" ... and the last part is "site".

To add to the confusion, here are some of the things we might NOT be revealing:

newly found site
news site
new digging site
new parasite
N.E. webs site
new schleb site


Matt Schuster said...

Remind me never to reveal heartfelt secrets to you.

PS - Snitches get stiches.

Dodd said...

newt gingrich was taken over by an alien parasite?

Shad's Mom said...

Can't be about Newt; that is old news.

Newly dug gravesite? (For Max, because he can't keep a secret so they had to kill him?)

Dodd said...

I love Shad's mom!

Max Konrardy said...

I'm only following orders, ma'am.

This information has been declassified.

Shad's Mom said...

Thank you Doodlehead! It is nice to know someone appreciates smart-alecky old ladies....

Max, you are the weakest link...