Monday, October 09, 2006

Hex on you!

Ever wonder what the heck those six digit color combinations are that you see everywhere on website source codes or in Photoshop? Well I sure did, so I took a break from my busy work-a-day lifestyle and googled it. Here's what I found, in song-form:

"A hex is a rainbow, you know that it's true,
Representin' every color with Red, Green, and Blue.
But you might get confused at the code for lime green,
'Cause the hex you want is calculated on a base of sixteen!

Start with zero, one through six, then seven, eight, nine,
But hey there, Friend, make "A" your "ten" and you'll be just fine!
B is eleven, C is twelve, D, E, and F follow suite,
Before you know it, you've got sixteen -- rooty-toot-toot!

The first two numbers of the hex are for red,
Double F's if it's alive, or snake eyes if it's dead!
But if the value's in between, what are you to do?
Divide the RGB number (zero through two hundred fifty-five) by sixteen, put that in the first decimal spot, and then throw the remainder in the second decimal spot. i.e. an RGB red value of 178 would be B2 because 16 goes evenly into 178 eleven times (B) and you have a remainder of 2.

Hex on you!
Hex on you!
Hex on you!
Hex on you!"

Alright, so the ending wavered a little bit, but I think the chorus pulled it right back together. Song aside, if you really want to learn what those hexes are all about, check out the wikipedia entry. You'll feel 0000FF if you don't!

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s.mirk said...

that rooty-toot-toot is really pushing it.