Friday, October 27, 2006

Instant Runoff Voting cartoon to be on cable!

Residents of Minneapolis that are also subscribers to cable TV, be on the lookout for a Big Time Attic cartoon on your TV next week! Sometime between Tuesday, Oct 31st and Monday, Nov. 6th, our cartoon (extolling the virtues of Instant Runoff Voting using a Dating Game-style show with anthropomorphic ballots) will run on the following stations: CNN, CNBC, ESPN, and FOX Sports. We don't know when. No one does.

Marvel at Max and Julia's animation! Swoon at Jason's music! Cheer for Kevin's storyboarding! Get all emotional at Kevin's, Julia's, Max's, Tim's, and Zander's acting! Appreciate FairVote Minnesota's patronage! Do what you have to, but vote November 7th, and look at the bottom of the ballot for Instant Runoff Voting!

1 comment:

Shad Petosky said...

Look what happens when I go to Montana...

Very cool..nice job team!