Friday, October 27, 2006

The dream of dreamlessness

It seems to me that certain times annually bring about certain moods, like a tide carrying in an emotional season. Not like this could ever be scientifically verified or anything like that, but well, I guess I sometimes wonder if somewhere out there in the world, is my very own scientist working in his humorless, steel-encased laboratory on this particular case just for me.

But that's just crazy, astrological hippie-talk so I asked Kevin what he thought.


Kevin Cannon said...

Max, you're not THAT short.

Julia Vickerman said...

Max, you're weird.

Max Konrardy said...

me, weird? what are you talking about? i'm not weird at all.

danno said...

Its like a MAX 24 hour comic...only he got 3 pages done.